Safe Compliance GRC Platform

Businesses need to keep on top of risks coming from all conceivable angles. GRC technology can help a lot in tracking these risks instantly and taking measures to mitigate it.

SAFE COMPLIANCE PLATFORM enhance transparency as well as consistency and standardize regulatory processes.

Key Benefits

Easy to use - Safe Compliance privide high flexibility for building custom framworks. Users have no background for GRC acitivites can automate processes, control user access and generates the reports.

Cost & Time Effective - Spend your time tracking risks and planning mitigations instead of managing a tool.

Collaborative - Safe Compliance Platform enables collaboration and alignment. Stakeholders users across Cybersecurity, Risk, IT and Human Resources can work together.

Identify Most Critical Risks - Manage the various operational risks facing an organization.




Intended to show how your cybersecurity program matches up with the ECC, SAMA, and other customizable Frameworks

Compliance Management

Keep track of the regulations you need to meet, prove compliance, and stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.

Initiatives Management

Manage initiatives and link with controls and keep monitoring the status

Risk Management

Managing, controlling, and mitigating cyber risk across your organization

Audit Management

Review and analysis of your business's IT infrastructure & identifies threats and vulnerabilities, exposing weaknesses and high-risk practices

Documents Toolkit

Maintain your portfolio of policies, procedures, and documents in one centralized, easily accessible platform

Documents Management

Manage your policy and procedure and any document to be in one place and easy to access and audit

Monitor GRC activities in real time through a variety of reports and dashboards

Dashboards and Reports

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